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Discover the
potential of data!


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We know that data has huge potential. We know how to unlock it through the artificial intelligence algorithms.

We are experts in forecasting,predictive analytics, anomaly detection. Machine learning, and deep learning in particular, has no secrets for us. We can assist you to take full advantage of modern algorithms to increase the company’s efficiency, detect changes faster and react to them, and always be one step ahead of the competition!

So far, we have had the pleasure of working mainly for the pharmaceutical, telecommunications and energy industries, but we are still craving new challenges. If you want to manage your business more effectively and see the potential of a data-driven approach - contact us.

Why Aigorithmics?

How we do it?


  • Understanding of the business nature, domain analysis
  • Indication of significant constraints and pain points
  • Defining an individual plan and action strategy


  • Defining an area and scope of deployment
  • Building a system with modular architecture
  • Deployment of the pilot model


  • Development and deployment of models for the entire target project scope
  • Providing an appropriate level of performance


  • System performance monitoring
  • Cyclic model calibration