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Predictively-balancing system dedicated to the energy sector

Predicting future market behavior is the key to effective management in the energy sector. The accuracy of this forecast may significantly affect not only the economic situation of enterprises but also the continuity of the energy supply.

Innovative predictively-balancing system dedicated to the energy sector combines computational methods and artificial intelligence, providing a holistic analysis of current data.​


  • Accurate forecast models of important values ​​on the energy market, such as:​
  • electricity price,
  • production of energy from renewable sources (RES)
  • demand for heat and electricity.
  • Considering different forecast horizons​
  • Short-term forecast (less than 24h),​
  • Long-term forecast.​
  • Granulation of energy demand models - forecasts for entire regions (e.g., cities) and for individual buildings.​​
  • AI supported with mathematical models - integration of an approach based on deep neural networks and stochastic differential equations.​
  • Data integration module - the ability to use data from various sources and in multiple formats.​
  • Automatic calibration of models – launching the model retraining mechanism when accuracy falls below the set level.​
  • Using GPU accelerators to speed up calculations on the on-premise servers to cut down costs.​
  • Any deployment model – the system can be deployed either on-premise, on public cloud or on hybrid cloud.​


  • An approximate picture of the future - accurate prediction of selected quantities: production, demand for energy or energy prices.​
  • Easier and more reliable decision-making process - the obtained data and analyses support investment processes and planning processes in the field of generation, distribution, and consumption.
  • Increased awareness of factors affecting future values thanks to feature importance methods.
  • Saving time spent on analysis.​
  • Reduction of losses and conscious management,especially during the energy crisis.


Please contact to determine the scope of work and individual pricing.